Who needs a Speech-Language Pathologist?

You might want to consult a Speech-Language Pathologist if:

· Your child does not have at least 50 words by two years of age

· Friends and family have difficulty understanding what your child says by three years of age

· Your child does not speak in complete sentences or use a variety of words by three years of age

· Your child uses gestures more than words to communicate

· Your child has difficulty following simple directions by two years and two-step directions by four years of age

· Your child has difficulty staying on topic and taking turns in conversation

· Your child has difficulty playing and interacting with children of the same age



What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is trained to evaluate and treat disorders related to communication skills. This includes how a person says something, what a person understands, what a person is saying, and how a person interacts with other during communication events. It also includes fluency (stuttering), feeding and swallowing, and voice disorders. Usually an SLP specializes in working with children or adults and often has more experience in some areas. Just like you would not take your child to a doctor who works with adults, you should find an SLP who works with children and is comfortable addressing your child’s needs.

Who We Are

Green Speech-Language Services is a Baltimore based private practice that provides speech and language assessments and therapy to children in the natural setting of their home, daycare or school environment. This approach promotes carryover of new skills and helps the important adults in the child’s life be an active part of the therapeutic process. By identifying and treating communication difficulties early, there is a greater chance of decreasing the impact on the child’s social and academic skills and behavior.

Green Speech Language Services Baltimore Speech Language Pathologist Rebecca Green